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I'm a 31 year old writer living in Stoneham, MA with my husband Ariel and two Belgian shepherd dogs named Arrow and Trinity.

I attended Brandeis and got a double major in medieval history and classical studies, so OBVIOUSLY my day job is web designer and developer. I mostly work for the family business, Heirloom Coffee, and run our e-commerce website. (If you like obscure fresh-roast coffees, I can totally hook you up.)

When not working on websites or writing, I hike with the dogs, hang with my husband, test the capacital limits of my tiny apartment kitchen, play games, and correspond with my pen pal. That correspondence has been gradually evolving into prison reform activism, a process that began when I was researching prisons for the opening scenes of CHAINBREAKER but didn't reach fruition until I started talking to a real person behind the wall.

I wrote epic Dragon Age fanfiction for several years before Laz turned up on my doorstep and took over my life with his demands for kick-ass adventures. First in his series is CHAINBREAKER, and I'm super excited to share this project with you! So is Laz! In fact he's wearing a hole in my mental carpet with his frustrated pacing - waiting patiently is not one of his core competencies. I am currently seeking a literary agent.

Oh yeah - you might want my name. It's Melanie. I just got into the habit of not advertising it while online almost twenty years ago when Girl Gamers were not a thing yet and nobody would elect me president in my galaxy if they knew I was a girl... it's a long story. (I was a damned good president. Many an enemy asteroid was pillaged under my galactic sovereignty.) Anyway, the habit stuck. It's nice not to get flirted with when I'm trying to kick ass.

Thank you for visiting! Love you guys :D