M. Weisberg


M. Weisberg

I'm a fantasy and science fiction writer living in my native state of Massachusetts. I am currently seeking representation.

I have a degree in Medieval History and Biblical/Classical Greek, so naturally my day job is marketing and web design. Over the past decade, I have specialized more and more in copywriting and other commercial writing to support my family's business, Len's Coffee. If you're into obscure fresh-roast coffee, I can totally hook you up.

When not working, I enjoy diving headfirst into the depths of Wikipedia (especially biology--did you know the human gut is literally a second brain capable of operating independently from the brain in your skull?) and taking care of my family, which consists of two large hairy dogs and a delightfully nerdy husband.

Please feel free to contact me for more information. First chapters and synopsis of my urban fantasy novel, CRY HAVOC, are available upon request.


For professional communications, I prefer to make first contact via email. My address is melanie at weisberg dot ws. Don't worry, the "ws" is not a typo, it really will reach me!

For social media, I'm most active on Twitter. You can find me @rattify.